Erin (theoryoferin) wrote in backstreetnsync,

Photos and Articles!

I'm in a financial bind at the moment and need to send the bill for my fall term of college, so I decided that it was time to get rid of some of my merchandise.

Right now, I have some Avril, Britney, and Nsync stuff, Although the Nsync is definitely not everything, I still have folders of posters and articles to go through.

3 Centerfolds of Justin Timberlake [one of the centerfolds is signed]
8 Pinups of Justin Timberlake
15 pages of articles [one page has an autograph on it]
4 pages of JC [one page signed]
1 black and white group pinup [also signed]
9 pages of group articles [four of these pages are signed by at least two guys]
30 smaller clippings of all 5 guys [two of the Justin Timberlake clippings are signed as well].

2 centerfolds
2 pinups
11 pages of articles
15 smaller clippings

1 4-page poster
2 centerfolds
4 pinups [two of which are signed]
9 pages of articles [four are signed]
10 smaller clippings [one with an autograph]

All of the autographs are authentic. I don't have a certificate to prove them, but I was there when they were signed, since I've met all 5 guys in Nsync, along with Britney, and multiple other stars while they were in the Orlando area.

Everything is in great condition and if you would like to see a scan of anything, let me know. I don't have a digi cam, but I will scan the photos if you would like to see them.

If you are interested let me know and we can discuss prices. I won't be asking too much for any of these things, but would like to get a little bit from them.

Thanks for reading!
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