A.J. McLean (ajmclean_) wrote in backstreetnsync,
A.J. McLean

After Celebrity

Hey, I know the Mod of After Celebrity already posted here, but I just wanted to make mention that we have 3 fifths of BSB - A.J., Nick, and we just got Kevin.  We also have supporting acts Aaron and Angel Carter.  We are very much seeking Howie and Brian.  Also, we'd love to get someone for Amanda Latona, Leighanne Littrell, and Kristin Richardson - in addition to any other supporting acts.  Thank you.

Here's your chance. after_celebrity is a role playing game looking for mature Backstreet Fans to fullfill roles of the guys as well as siblings, wives, supporting acts(Amanda Latona)

If you're interested, contact ac_maintainer
email after_celebrity_rpg@yahoo.com
-0r- comment me.

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